Understanding & Engaging Our Services

Almost all clients begin as visitors to our industry engaging with us about their projects and looking for information.  This is, and should be, a relaxed and pleasurable activity leading us both to a process of discovery.


First we listen, seeking to find out what our clients think, what they are looking for, which of their business problems require solutions, what objectives are driving their projects.


Next we try to become “thought leaders” for our industry, offering a tour of the subject material, describing our special areas of expertise as related to a client’s interests, and responding to their questions and concerns.


Often we provide feasibility studies designed to analyze a clients “needs and options” for a project and helping them to establish a budget and realistic scope of services.


Finally we provide a detailed outline of proposed services which have been tailored to the specific needs of a well informed client.

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What do architects really do?

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It is probably safe to say that many people know little, if anything, about what architects actually do.  How, then, is one to determine the best way to benefit from an architect’s, or other design professional’s, services when faced with planning a new store, or other building project?  We have found that the most successful projects happen when our clients have a clear understanding of the architectural and store planning process.  To that end the following  publications are recommended.

From Idea to Bricks & Mortar Store Part I – The Retail Store Prototype:  What is it & Why do it

From Idea to Bricks & Mortar Store Part II – Strategies for Designing Your Space

Seven Mistakes Expanding or Startup Retailers Make When Building a New Store