Translating a Brand’s Strategy into Focused Visual Elements:

Marketing and business experts routinely speak of brands in general terms, everything from market research, to industry wide impressions and experiences, to customer service events, may be included.  However a business thinks of itself in general, it must, at some point, concisely express this idea.  Few would argue the value of the infamous “thirty second elevator pitch.”  Often the idea is developed during business planning and emerges into an actual brand strategy, during programming.  Presuming the previous activities, most text book definitions of a brand describe the word in visual terms.

We work closely with our clients to translate the brand’s strategy into focused visual elements, including logos, packaging, printed media, signage, large format graphics, sculptural props, architectural elements, fixtures, finishes, and details.  All of these are organized into a unified system, one  that is fundamentally semiotic.  Whether a project begins with brand design or not, whether these activities are done by others or us, all projects express a brand in the end.  We help our clients send the best possible message.

Curated Content for digital signage and website presentations:

This is a new service for us.  We are in the testing phase and inviting participants in a free trial.  Please  contact us  if you are a independent online or “bricks n mortar” retailer, service provider or nonprofit and interested in putting a media kiosk at a physical location of your choice or on your website.  These businesses have signed up to participate.  We will let some of their content speak for itself in the previews below.  To participate please follow the link:


Modern Optometry is a returning client.

Safety Belt Comfort’s product is sold on Amazon and may be found at many events.

Coordinated Starter “WordPress” Website:

No brand is complete without an online presence.  Almost all images and elements included in the brand design may be formatted for online applications, others are specifically designed for this end use.  We offer a “Starter WordPress Website” which is coordinated with any brand that we design for a new or expanding business without a previous online presence.  The site is always mobile ready, able to accommodate e-commerce, and will coordinate with up to date POS systems.