Digital Signage & Media Display:

Technology, whatever your level of expertise, improves sales, service, and systems for almost every businesses or organization.  Digital signage, as an effective, low cost way of delivering a marketing message, has become an important specialty within that precinct.  For us it is an area of interest and research that has transformed into a service.  We are convinced of the benefit and able to design a content focused digital signage program to meet the requirements of most any client.

This fun content, curated for Elizabeth Emond of Safety Belt Comfort,  is played on a 42″ fixture mounted monitor and displayed at various trade shows and industry events.  It shows that even phone videos can work to gain attention and demonstrate the advantages of a product.


  • A TV, monitor, or digital display with and HDMI port and a media player.
  • A place to put the display.
  • A source of power
  • Wifi.
  • A base or other mounting system designed to hold the sign or display.
  • Content:  websites, artwork from business graphics, logos, business cards, pamphlets, marketing materials, photographs, videos – phone or otherwise, links to online sources of media, vendor supplied advertising materials, webinars, podcasts, educational materials, and anything else you think of.

What we will do:

  • Speak with you about your goals
  • “Mine” the content, both yours and ours, for relevant materials.
  • Our program offers access to an extensive copyright cleared video library.
  • Reformat and adapt the content for use in mixed media promotional video and/or slide presentation.
  • Assemble the content into a playlist and push it to a location(s) of your choice .
  • Maintain and Monitor it there.

What we will ask participants to do:

  • Engage with us.  Tell us about your goals, your business, yourself.
  • Engage with us.  Tell us what is and is not working once a playlist is pushed to your sign.
  • Allow us an opportunity to correct, adjust and readjust the program into a refined presentation that adds value to your business.

An Additional Note:

This service is aimed at developing an efficient, effective, low cost method of delivering meaningful content for use on digital signs.  Hardware is, of course, an important factor and part of any digital display program.  Some no cost facilitating assistance in this area is often available.  Full or partial architectural and interior design services typically include the physical design and installation of digital displays.  Please contact us for more information.