Residential projects, whether for new or existing construction, must also be defined or “programmed” according to a client’s budget and goals.  We take a somewhat informal approach to our residential projects and find that both new building and existing alterations require incremental solutions in advance of design.  Flexibility is key to how we approach these projects and feasibility is usually inherent in the process.

Architecture & Interior Renovations:

Our experience has been with single, multifamily and mixed use housing repairs, remodels and renovations in transitional urban and suburban environments. Full architectural and Interiors services are provided for residential projects.  Environmentally responsible building, aesthetics, and schedule are important considerations. Service can be comprehensive or targeted according to a client’s requirements including:

  • Permit drawings
  • Design drawings
  • Space plans
  • Construction drawings and details

Design Management:

In residential projects, design management means design coordination. It begins very early, and continues through the life of a project. Success can be measured by how well the various building disciplines are assimilated to deliver a carefully planned project. High performance design management meets this goal.  We aim to exceed it.