Environmentally Responsible Building:

Recently we have found popular terms like “green” and “sustainable” to be a bit overexposed, sometimes leading to misinformation.  Instead, we enthusiastically endeavor to participate in environmentally responsible building, which is standard practice by training and ethics for architects, and which we encouraged on every possible level.  In terms of responsible building, high performance means something specific.  It is measurable and certifiable. Since 2003 Bridget Gaddis, principal of Gaddis Architect, has been a Leed Accredited Professional, as are members of our staff and partners.

We have a keen interest in solar hot air heating, day lighting and are inclined toward anything “re” as in recycled, re-purposed, reused, and redone.  We tailor our services toward responsible building and seek to participate in the Leed certification process.  We have learned that all responsibly built projects, defined by perfect function, organization, economy and high performance, are elegant which is to be much more that just green.

Adding Daylight

“Solatubes” bring daylight into this project. There is one in this photo.  Can you pick it out?