Wig Shop Wig Shop Wig Shop wig shop
Daytime View of Storefront

Don’t be fooled by the dirty outdated canopy, fluorescent lighting, bad or non existent signage, and muralstone finish.  This is a very effective storefront and I bet the shop owner is not, even a little,  interested  in an update.  I was across and down the street trying to get a good night time view of the place, when a middle aged guy passed.  Realizing what I was doing he began to tease and pretend to wear  a wig.  It was a telling test of the shop window.  Even from some 75  feet away a slightly tipsy guy could easily see that the shop was selling wigs.

What makes this work?

  • The window is full, from top to bottom, with product.
  • The size and shape of the product is literally human in scale and therefore recognizable.
  • Repetition reinforces the single product presentation.
  • The angled plan of the window increases the width of the storefront (by the difference between the height plus the width minus the hypotenuse of the triangle), a really efficient way to increase visibility.
  • The angle also presents a straight on elevation of product to both pedestrian and auto traffic.
  • There is light directly on the merchandise.
  • The overall presentation is so strong that on a secondary level it begins to suggest a brand, i.e. “that place  with all the wigs.”