I almost feel guilty posting this, but not enough.  The most obvious lessons can be the most difficult to learn.  This is a bridal shop.  To me the merchandise is more than just dresses.  Each one of these is a work of art appealing on too many levels to discuss in one little blog post.  What would motivate a shop owner to do the one thing that has the ability to detract from this beautiful merchandise, and worse yet, put in the shop window for all to see.  How many clients will be drawn into this shop because the lace dress on display matches the curtain’s hanging from a rod in the back of the window.

There are many simple backdrops available for use in this type of environment.  Anything from a photo realistic banner to a built display to simply a seasonally plain colored silk curtain would work really well.  In fact, nothing at all, except a view into the shop, would be better than risking the comparison that is set up here.