This photo was taken in Brazil, which is all I know, except that we appear to be looking at the interior of a local museum or some type of tourist information center. Current function aside, the space has a lot to say about an effective way of directing the viewers focus onto perimeter wall displays. In this case we are, of course, looking at all manner of memorabilia displayed in either wall mounted showcases or on the actual walls above. The presentation works because the viewer is first lead into the space by the interesting complex and uniform pattern on the floor which, because of the geometry, displays a slightly directional quality. Then the floor boundary is reinforced by the perimeter border and a visual halt is created by the contrasting blank wall between the floor and the wall mounted cabinets, until the viewer find him/herself peering directly at the wall displays. It is not difficult to see that these could as easily be small product displays. This suggests a great store design for making a visual impact with jewelry or other small merchandise. I worked on a project where the trick was used in a news stand environment to display magazines. Also, installing strip lights under the wall cabinets can emphasize the perimeter and add drama and a great night time presentation.