Is this the face of the "Unbrand?"

If you are a sometimes visitor to this site you may have seen me ponder the impacts of “unbrand” in previous posts.  With this recent article on “AdNews” I find myself again bestirred on the subject.  The gist of the article is that “Unbrand” is a “Movement” initiated by Gen. C (connected) values, resulting in a shift in market focus from the designer to the designee.  When considered in the context of the currently “logocentric” shopping place this shift could, in the design sense, prove to be profound.  In short, how does/will/should an “unbrand” look?  The temptation to present the obvious was too strong, leading me to alter the photo above to match the idea.  Of course, no one has actually come to me and said, “I am opening a new store.  I will be selling shoes.  The store does not have a name.  Please design the prototype.”  That does not, though, stop me from trying to envision such a shopping experience.

toys  dress

carOr maybe stores should rely on large format graphics and photos with generic labels to identify their products.  It is, after all, how it is done on  Either way, there are no answers here, just explorations.  You will find the article here:  AdNews: THE ADNEWS NGEN BLOG: The challenge of ‘Unbrand’.