What does it say about a retailer when the most visible storefront window in the shopping center where they reside is a vacancy for rent by the landlord. I have blocked out the signs for these retailers and put them up in a gallery so as to show how the storefronts compare. The only one that stands up to scrutiny from the parking lot consists of a completely opaque low gloss advertisement installed to attract a new tenant. So does this mean that the retailers should start blocking out their storefronts with similar messages? Of course not. It does though show how an opaque, colorful and matte finish storefront graphic is highly visible from a distance and therefore should be added to the retailers bag of storefront display tricks. Check out how Pier One used it in the photos below.  And just for fun, see if you can guess who the retailers are without the sign?  Managing such a challenge is and indication of a successful storefront.