Phillips:  Retail Lighting for Stores

Occasionally I run across well put information that is worth referencing  here. Such is the case with this article on retail lighting.  Thanks to Zumtobel for the research.  Click the link to see the entire article, including more photos.  To give an idea of what is covered, I  have summarized 8 recommendations as follows:

  • High contrasts is better than brightness.
  • Use diffuse general lighting with accent lighting on displays and vertical lighting to delimit the periphery.
  • Warm white lights extend the amount of time a customer spends in store.
  • Vary the color temperature.
  • Adapt the lighting to the target customer.
  • Daylight and accent light is best for shop windows.
  • Light the lower shelves.
  • Use a combination of accent and back lighting for merchandise identification.