It is probably obvious to anyone following this website that I am after a formula for the perfect daytime storefront.  The challenge is how to make the window display standout against all the visual noise in the environment.  Whenever, in my travels,  I see a candidate for analysis I snap a photo.  There is a thing or two to learn from this drugstore in Vienna.  First, as noted on previous occasions, bold white graphics applied on the glass work in daylight because they are, by contrast, lighter than everything else in the visual field.  Here they both frame the window and define the main sign.  Second, in order for an object in the window to compete with the dynamic visual motion created by the varying light levels, shadows and reflections on the storefront it must be the one thing that these are not;   i.e., a really bright color as in the bright Christmas tree decorations shown.  Third, there must be enough of this color and at a large enough scale for it to be visible from at least 10 ft and probably 20 ft away.