From by fellow blogger Tony Kadysewski

Wow!  What a great example of what can be done with the most simple and inexpensive props.  This photo, from a post by a fellow blogger about how it is easier to sell the idea of color rather than the idea of painting a wall, does a whole lot more than that.  It does such a good job of attracting visual attention that even a guy living out of a suitcase might think about looking for something to decorate.

So, let’s consider what makes this work?  Not only do the bold colored stools do a great job of counteracting visual noise on the glass,  they are at a very recognizable “human” scale.  Every one knows what the table in their living room looks like.  Also the tables, size wise the biggest elements in the window, are repeated at a smaller scale in the colored boxes and paint samples in the background.  These not only have the effect of drawing the passerby directly into the shop, but are also made more interesting because of the suggestive graphic used as a backdrop in the window.  The synergy between the window display and the store interior is very successful in this project.  The message is clearly that the interior of the store is as dynamic as the exterior.  It is a message that is often overlooked by specialty retailers.