is probably safe to say that many people know little, if anything, about what architects actually do. How, then, can one benefit from an architect’s, or other design professional’s, services when faced with planning a new store? We have found that the most successful projects happen when our clients have a clear understanding of the architectural and store planning process. To that end, we are introducing the following free publications:

“From Idea to Bricks & Mortar Store – The Retail Store Prototype: What is it and why do it?”

This is a 50 minute power point presentation, so allow enough time, or start and stop as time permits.  Also, a transcript is provided if you prefer.  A comprehensive view of the architectural process required to build a new retail store is first outlined, and then related to the business plan.  It has valuable information for anyone seriously considering opening or expanding a retail store.

“Seven Mistakes Expanding or Startup Retailers Make When Building a New Store”

This is a one page document that outlines major catch points that can cost new or expanding retailers time, money or both.  It is a good quick reference for any startup or newly expanding retailer with a building project somewhere in their future.

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